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100 years after the Second Wizarding War, and the Death Eaters are back. Hogwarts, newly rebuilt, has to muster a new courage, for the game has changed. A new story is rising. It's a new Age, a new Life and a new Generation. It's time for a Revolution.
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 Hayes, Rosalind

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Rosalind Hayes

Rosalind Hayes

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Rosalind Marie Hayes

Hayes, Rosalind Tumblr_mp8363itwa1reb8poo1_250

Order of the Phoenix

AgeGenderBlood Status


Animagus - form: Alaskan Malamute/Timber Wolf hybrid
11 1/2", ash, phoenix feather, unyielding
Alaskan Malamute/Timber Wolf hybrid
Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfigurations, and Charms
Astronomy, Potions, and Arithmancy


PERSONALITY: Rosalind is quick-witted, sharp-tongued, and snarky. She’s able to think on her feet no problem and often is able to react to most situations accordingly. She can, however, be very stubborn and deadest on things, which is often a point of contention with people whom she’s either just met or people who simply don’t care for her and her ideas and opinions. Some people would (and have) call her abrasive, argumentative, and difficult, but it’s usually because she doesn’t let things go once she’s sunk her teeth into them, especially if it’s regarding something she’s particularly passionate or opinionated about. Still, she does know that there’s a time and place for everything, so she will bite her tongue if it’s for the best, but if a person is going to keep pushing the subject then she won’t hold back.

She’s also a very loyal friend and confidant, often defending those she trusts without hesitation. She’s not afraid of confrontation, and if she hears or sees someone messing with her friends or family, she will do something about it. That loyalty also extends to her being willing to go out of her way in order to help someone out, whether it’s being a shoulder to cry on to giving advice.

LIKES: Reading, writing, heartfelt debates (not arguments, thank you very much), swimming, and running

DISLIKES: Ignorant people, potions making, restlessness, etc.

FEARS: Enclosed spaces


Rosalind Marie Hayes was born on March 17th, 2080 to Marcus and Jessalyn Hayes (nee Smith). The youngest of three children and only daughter, most people expected her to be spoiled, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Her parents raised her with a strong moral code and work ethics, wanting to make sure that she’d be prepared and grounded for whatever career she decided to go into after Hogwarts.

She often spent her days as a child helping out her parents and older brothers in Honeydukes, the family’s business, or with her nose stuck in a book. She read anything and everything she could get her hands on. From her brothers’ text books, to the newspaper, to her mother’s romance novels and her father’s books on muggle things—absolutely nothing was off limits to the little girl, and she soaked the information up greedily.

A voracious reader, it wasn’t any surprise to anyone who’d known her that that love of storytelling would eventually grow into her spinning her own tales for the entertainment of others, and, at the tender age of nine, she was often found sitting on the countertop right next to the cash register, creating outrageous and outlandish tales to anyone who’d pay her two minutes of attention.

This love of reading never diminished, even after she got her Hogwarts letter on her eleventh birthday, and when her mother took her to pick up her supplies (her father still somehow managed to get himself lost in Diagon Alley no matter how long he’d been living in the Wizarding Wold), she “snuck” in a few extra books, ignoring the way her mother chuckled and shook her head as each one was added to the ever growing basket. (This would eventually help her out later in life.)

Then came the day she’d anxiously waited for ever since she could remember: leaving for Hogwarts. Despite having grown up seeing the school every single day of her life and knowing she could walk there from where she lived (benefits of living in Hogsmeade), she demanded to go on the train to school like the rest of the kids and was practically brimming with excitement the entire ride to the school.

However, it was the enchanting sight of Hogwarts at night that tore a gasp from the little girl’s lips, and while the others in her boat chattered on and whispered about what to expect, she couldn’t tear her gaze away from the breathtaking sight. And it only got better once she entered the castle.

Events started to blur and bleed together in all of this excitement, and eventually Rosalind found herself sitting amongst a group of other First year Gryffindor students (much to her surprise—she’d figured she’d be in Ravenclaw since that’s what her family said she’d be in) for the Welcoming Feast.

It didn’t take her long to make a few close friend as well as a few rivals. Being raised the way she was, Rosalind had a strong idea as to what was right and what was wrong, and her moral code often shone through her defense of others, usually resulting in her being reprimanded, losing House points (much to the exasperation and annoyance of her housemates), and earning detentions. It was her stubborn refusal to back down that made people either love her or hate her.

During her schooling, she quickly realized that Potions wasn’t her strong suit, and it took her longer than most of her classmates to be able to make a potion without reading from the book and not have it explode in her face, but where she struggled in Potions, she excelled in both Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms.

When she was in her Fourth year, she met with her Head of House and discussed her possible future careers. Rosalind still can’t, to this day, explain what made her decide on pursuing a career in the Auror department, but when her HoH told her that meant she’d have to get a minimum of ‘Exceeds Expectations’ on both her OWLs and NEWTs in Potions and that she’d have to cut back on the skirmishes and arguments with both other students and the adults since it wouldn’t be tolerated within the program, she decided to buckle down and study, determined to earn the grades needed to get into the program.

Rosalind’s determination and stubbornness paid off in the end, resulting in her earning Outstandings in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfigurations, Charms, and Care of Magical Creatures on her NEWTs level course and Exceeds Expectations in Potions and Herbology. She also received Acceptables in History of Magic and Arithmancy. Despite having a few infractions for disobedience and questioning authority on her records, she was accepted into the Auror Training Program.

The first year of the Auror program was hard on the young woman. She naturally had a hard time simply accepting authority figures’ orders and demands simply because they “said so,”  but she did her best not to question the more questionable things they had her doing and learning. There were often times when she was so dispirited that she questioned what she was doing there, not being able to quite shove her own beliefs in right and wrong down in order to do what was expected of her, but during one of those down spells, she met an Auror by the name of John Forestor, and he encouraged her to keep going. Those few words were enough to convince her to stay, and the two soon built a sort of mentor-protégé relationship with Rosalind looking up to the man in admiration.

Then he simply left shortly after she finished her first year, and she couldn’t quite wrap her mind around the entire situation, especially since she didn’t know the reason behind the man’s decision. It was that decision, though, that had her start digging into the Ministry of Magic, wanting to know what would prompt John’s actions like that, and the more she dug, the more she was disgusted with what she found. It wasn’t until just a few months prior to her graduating from the Auror training program and becoming a full-fledged Auror that she discovered the more sinister things that the Ministry was dabbling in. So repulsed by their actions and their standpoints on certain topics was she that she resigned right there on the spot, ignoring the warnings from her instructors who were urging her to simply see things through rather than doing anything foolish.

Now she works at Honeydukes part time during the days as well as writing articles for the Daily Prophet under a pseudonym in order to pay the bills, all while helping out the Order in dealing with the newest threat to life in the Wizarding World.

Other Characters: N/A at this time

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Hayes, Rosalind Hogwarts

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Hayes, Rosalind
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