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 Axelsen, Sayla

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Sayla Axelsen

Sayla Axelsen

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AgeGenderBlood Status


11½ inches; willow with dragon's heartstring
Divination, Astronomy, Charms, History of Magic, and Ancient Runes
Transfiguration, Potions, Arithmancy, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Muggle Studies


PERSONALITY: Sayla is an intelligent, insightful girl who often lets emotions and folly get the better of her. While she isn't superficial, she often daydreams and loses herself in anything that makes her happy or interests her enough to make her imagination take flight. Often at times, she is moody, but she is fluid when it comes to change, and although she has a hard time connecting her thoughts to practical application, she is more than willing to work on it. Although Sayla is quite dreamy, she is also modest and very self-critical, although she takes pride in how well she does at school.

While she is very smart, she always compares herself with other students, who do better because she sees them as more diligent than her. The reason why she is so lazy is that sometimes she is a bit afraid to confront the work in fear of failing at it after she gives the work ago. Even though she is terrified when it comes to asking for help or talking to people, her inept social skills mean nothing when she finds something she deems too awful for words. She will stand up for what she believes is right without hesitation and will do anything to prevent others from getting hurt by malice or simple ignorance. A lot of times, when Sayla tries to talk to people, she causes one social faux pas after another, but when she does make friends (which are incredibly intimate and only a handful), she is affectionate and fiercely loyal, putting in whatever she can to the relationship. When she is engaged in a healthy relationship, Sayla gives her 110%, and will devote all her time and effort to her social connections, as few as they are, and nothing is ever enough for her. Sometimes she slips up though when it comes to adhering to basic social standards, and she cannot understand many things, thus causing some complications in her relationship.

Sayla often lacks self-awareness but when she is conscious of herself, she keeps attention to detail and is very shrewd about how she manages things. However, her lack of self-awareness can cause people to believe she is either lazy, poor or that her hairdresser is a tornado. Her style is comfortable and casual: conservative yet suiting. However, she often uses her clothes to conceal whatever extra weight she has, being somewhat insecure about her appearance. Regardless, what others think of her is none of her business if it's hostile and negative. Despite her avoidance of negative people, she can be attached to a stale and bitter relationship, doing anything to make it work. When it comes to other things, though, she is a fatalist and believes everything happens for a very important reason.

Although Sayla maintains a calm facade, she has tidal waves of unadulterated emotions on the inside, and if she bottles it up too much, things will get nasty. Forgiving easily, she will never forget, and as eager as she is to move on, sometimes it's very hard for her, putting on a mask for anyone involved. Even though she has a hard time talking to just about anyone, really, she enjoys watching people and pairing them up in her own mind, almost as much as she enjoys going on boats and cruises, which are, in fact,  her most favorite things.

LIKES: the sea, cruises, factoids, tasty food, honest, sensitive and competent people, anything that interests her intellectually, old movies and music, the occult (it scares yet intrigues her though), people watching

DISLIKES: very small boats, creepy things, sports, seasickness, the occult (too scary sometimes)

FEARS: talking to anyone who she isn't close to, failing school, trying something for the first time and failing, the occult, that there is something out there alive and kicking that even Hogwarts can't stop


While no one knows when she was born, Sayla was adopted on August 15th in Hanoi, Vietnam in a now closed down orphanage by the now divorced Axelsen family composed of Cianne Axelsen (goes by her maiden name Greene) and Joshua Axelsen and her two brothers Marc and Erik (born to Joshua's second ex-wife Jenan). Erik was born in America whereas Marc was born in Japan when Joshua was overseas for work. She has one little sister named Sylvia who is very demure yet hostile to anyone who tries to get near to her and was adopted in Hanoi only a year later.

Sayla's mother and father were worked to help integrate into the Muggle world (like casting protective charms, finding them places to live, etc.) any witch or wizard who hoped to settle down permanently there. Both owned a large boat they used to live with their family get around the world to find anyone who wish to venture in what their clients considered uncharted waters are still working hard, although they sent their children to Hogwarts. Cianne was an Irish American halfblood, born to an Irish wizard who hid his powers and an American muggle woman who was a real estate agent, and Joshua was born to a pureblood family who forced him to marry a woman named Alexandria Livingstone before eloping with his coworker and yet another disowned pureblood named Jenan who refused to use her surname. Afterwards, he hired an assistant, Cianne, who he had fallen in love with.

Having graduated four or six years ago, Erik and Marc were also doing well. Erik has had a sound job as an Auror with his fiancee whereas Marc was and still is a great caretaker of magical creatures. Sylvia is not old enough to go to Hogwarts yet, being only 10, so she lives with her mother currently. It seems that the farther apart the siblings are in age, the more likely they are to get along. Sayla and Sylvia being only a year apart, they didn't get along so well. When they had a Muggle nanny, the tensions were strengthened as the nanny made little Sylvia afraid and Sayla hostile. Not only that, the nanny stole three cameras that included all of Sayla's elementary graduation photos. As far fetched as it was to have a graduation ceremony for elementary school was also the insistent attempts of this nanny to drive Cianne and her two daughters apart. The strife has never been resolved although it's true they love each other very deeply. However, one of the most painful jabs in the heart was when the nanny revealed that Sylvia had an older sister four years older, which Cianne accidentally slipped to the nanny. After the nanny went on vacation to her home, which was a house two large for someone living off of babysitting (and divorced). It was revealed that the room in which the nanny had stayed in held nearly all of Sayla's mother's costume jewelry, but Cianne didn't want to bring this to court so she fired the nanny, offered to deliver the nanny's packages on express if the nanny returned her stuff. Instead, the nanny replied with a death wish. As a result, Cianne feared for herself and her family as a whole, sending Sayla to Hogwarts, which she thought was safe and keeping vigilantly a close attention to her younger daughter. The brothers were not affected.

Sayla felt lonely during her first year at Hogwarts. She still has no friends and it was almost like she was at her old school again except a little less competitive. She didn't make many friends because she had an incredibly difficult time attempting but she was a natural with the teachers. At first she was uncomfortable, living in a dorm and all, and she still gets lost. People watching and whatever classes that are fun to Sayla were her only solace and there was nothing she liked more than to visit the lakes. Currently she is trying to not procrastinate for studying for the exams. It's a slow but steady process though especially since old habits die hard. Sayla herself expected to not be able to do it properly until after she was able to visit Hogsmeade, which would only make it harder to focus. Deep down though she wishes she was with her lpving mother and father, her busy brothers and her lovely and precoccious sister even though Sylvia's a bit ornery at her age.

Other Characters: None so far~

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Madison Reid
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Madison Reid

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PostSubject: Re: Axelsen, Sayla    Axelsen, Sayla  EmptySat May 03, 2014 1:27 pm


Axelsen, Sayla  Hogwarts

Hogwarts School
of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmistress: Eirina Naer
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc.,
Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Ms. Sayla Axelsen,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.  

Yours sincerely,

Madison Reid
Deputy Headmistress
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Axelsen, Sayla
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