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100 years after the Second Wizarding War, and the Death Eaters are back. Hogwarts, newly rebuilt, has to muster a new courage, for the game has changed. A new story is rising. It's a new Age, a new Life and a new Generation. It's time for a Revolution.
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 Adwell, Landon

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Landon Adwell

Landon Adwell

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Landon Adwell

Adwell, Landon NathanielBuzolicMagazine7

Ministry of Magic

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Fir, dragon heartstring, thirteen inches, rigid
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Transfiguration, Potions


PERSONALITY: Landon is an optimistic guy. Although he has lost all his memories of his life he does not let this get him down. It could be worse! He is alive and that's what counts. Landon strives to make each day worth the life he was granted, making new memories that will last forever. He is very passionate with his endeavors. Whether it is searching for answers of his lost memories or furthering his goals at work, Landon puts a hundred percent into whatever he is doing. He has a firm mind; when he decides on something it becomes concrete. Never indecisive Landon is a fast actor, often his instincts working faster than his mind. He is unfailingly loyal to those who have taken him in and helped him during his times of need. Even when things take a dark turn he would stand by these people and his ideals. Landon is very skilled at Legilimency and has worked for years at the Ministry to improve his skills. Sometimes he finds it hard not to look into anothers mind; the curiosity always draws him in. He likes to know what is on people's minds, what they think and how they feel. Often he can draw out their feelings through his words but he is not above searching their mind if he thinks he can get away with it.

LIKES: Landon likes to see his actions change something, to make a difference. He likes to enjoy the small things he has in life, like going out for a nice meal or taking a walk. He knows how precious everything is and takes full advantage of his life.

DISLIKES: Landon dislikes when he forgets little things, like what he walked into a room for, or what someone said a day ago. He thinks it is his memory problems affecting him and gets frustrated when he lets it happen. He also dislikes it when people are not passionate in what they believe in or don't show any enthusiasm at all for any cause.

FEARS: Landon is afraid that his memories will never return. Or, even worse, that they will return but be so far from what he was told of his life that he would never be able to make sense of who he is.


The farthest back Landon can remember is four years. He recalls waking up in St. Mungo's, his body sore and head fuzzy. His boss from the ministry was there, waiting for him to come to. Landon had been in a horrible accident, he was told. While he was out hiking, something he apparently liked to do, a cliff-side had fallen apart beneath his feet and caused him to tumble down a ravine. Some muggles had found him and it was all sorted out in a few days who he was. He was then transported to the wizard hospital in the midst of a deep coma. Healers were unable to wake him for nearly a month until one day he just awoke like nothing had happened.

It was like awaking from the depths of a black ocean. He did not recognize his surroundings, the people around him, or even himself. He knew he should, that there should be some memory to his life, but it was a blank slate. Landon was aware of magic and the world as a whole; he could feel the magic and spells had knew bubbling below the surface of his dazed mind. But other than that he had no idea who he was. His boss had to tell him his name, his age, what little of his history he knew.

He was Landon, twenty-four years old. He worked for the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Mysteries. He had been working there for three years now, and in other departments for two years before that. He had no family and had grown up in an orphanage and attended Hogwarts during his childhood. He lived alone in a flat in London, had a few close co-workers who he went out for drinks with sometimes. His life was ordinary except for this position in the Ministry.

After losing his memory Landon tried his best to do things that might return it. He tried wizard potions and spells, he tried muggle therapy and methods. Nothing worked. It was as if his mind had just been wiped away and replaced with air. He looked through orphanage records to find his name, to try to find his parents. At every turn Landon came up empty handed. There seemed to be no trace of him or his previous life anywhere.

Of course, he did have a few friends from the Ministry. They stopped by his flat, his hospital bed. Landon felt bad making them introduce themselves but they were more than happy to recite the history of their friendship; things that Landon had done for them, times they had stumbled through the dark streets drunk, things that all seemed believable but some how wrong to him.

His boss was eager to have him return to work, perfectly fine with having to reteach him and tell him of the projects he had been working on. Landon was told he was a valued employee, one who truly believed in his work. It was top secret, of course, and he was one of the very few who was trusted enough to keep his mouth shut. As he learned more and more about what he had supposedly done and started again to work on his projects Landon became the man the ministry told him he was. He was devoted and believed fully in the theory and aims of his projects. He was doing right by the world and one day he could show it and be proud. It started to consume him, the only thing that he felt truly connected to.

It isn't easy, though. There are times, brief flashes, where something just out of reach tries to break through his carefully constructed history. Even after four years the memories of his life have yet to return. Only during these short times does a feeling of foreboding overtake Landon. He feels something is not right, there is something the Ministry is not telling him. His life is not what it was made to be. But these moments pass and he laughs them off, sure that they are just a side effect of his amnesia.

Despite all he had lost, Landon is a cheerful and positive man. He is grateful for the life he has the passion he works with. He is building an new life and new memories for himself all the while doing the ministry's bidding, the only place he can ever recall feeling like home.

Other Characters: Eleonora Valenta, Jett Winters

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Adwell, Landon
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