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100 years after the Second Wizarding War, and the Death Eaters are back. Hogwarts, newly rebuilt, has to muster a new courage, for the game has changed. A new story is rising. It's a new Age, a new Life and a new Generation. It's time for a Revolution.
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 Gellert Grindelwald II

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Gellert Grindelwald II Biopic


AgeGenderBlood Status


Metamorphagus, Master of the Dark Arts, skilled duelist.
Properties of Wand:
10¼" blackthorn wood, with a dragon heartstring core.
What would I need a Patronus for?
Killing, torture, intimidation, dark arts, improvisational acting.
Aeron's Achilles' heel is his own narcissism and ego: he is prone to excessive talking, and his constant need to taunt his opponents or brag about his accomplishments when he has them on the ropes has often been used against him by his victims, either to try to escape or fight back.


(I need a bit help on this one, because the sentence "He is evil" sort of would cover his phsyce, but on the other hand, I do not think that is sufficient. :p
LIKES: Being evil. You know... Killing, torturing, causing suffering, all that god stuff!

DISLIKES: People asking silly questions about what he dislikes..

FEARS: Yeah right, because I would so tell you if I actually feared anything... (Imprisonment.)

Aeros Gellert Grindelwald know that his family has been under surveillance by the magical government ever since his great uncle Gellert Grindelwald's fall from power in 1945. His life was never easy. Little is known about the early life of Aeros, except that he was was born in Germany sometime in the spring, 1979. He is a Half-Blooded wizard, born to the Squib Grigori Grindelwald and his Muggle wife, Helina Bagrov. There are indications that he was very poorly and brutally treated by the rest of his family, considering that his father was a Squib, he himself a Half-Blood, and his entire family except his parents believing strongly in Pure-blood supremacy. In 1985, Aeron started attending Durmstrang Institute. However, the school's Highmaster, Igor Karkaroff, planned for him to go under his mother's maiden name in order to avoid bullying. And thus, he arrived Durmstrang, being known as Aeron Bagrov. During his time on the school, he became rival of Viktor Krum, a student in his year who's grandfather had been sacrificed for the the greater good, and as seceretly an admirer of his own grandfather's work, and disliked Krum for being so pathetic and soft, but still more pure than he was. As a result, he started the trend of copying the symbol of Gellert Grindelwald, the one the great wizard himself carved on a wall in Durmstrang, onto books and clothing as a way of trying to shock and impress. Highly insulted, since his grandfather had been killed by Grindelwald, Viktor and several other students who had also lost family at the hands of the Dark Wizard taught them the error of their ways. Aeron on his part, merely stood from a distance, enjoying the show.

In 1990, he was accepted into Durmstrang Institute and ended his time in 1996 during a practical exam in the Dark Arts, where he gave into his sadistic urges, and when the Sensor asked him to show him some Dark Curses, Maksim used the request to literally show his proficiency with lethal curses by locking the doors of the Great Hall before slaughtering the entire faculty and students who was present, including his parents who waited out in the corridor to see how it went, and fled the school before the Norwegian Aurors had the possibility to act. There were not witnesses left, so the deaths remained a huge mystery for the Institute ever since. He then cut a bloody swath through Europe before reaching the United States in 1999. He have ever since traveled from state to state, picking victims and taking them out one by one, where the next murder always was so much more horrifying than the one before.

Now, however, he finally have decided to visit England. Why? We'll, you'd have to ask him...

Other Characters: INSERT NAMES HERE of any other characters that you play.

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Sorry! Sorry! My mistake, I know it is year 2103, I read 2003, I'll change it! :p
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Hello and thank you for registering at Hogwarts Reborn!
Before your character is approved, there are some
small tweeks that we'd like you to look over.

(I'm sorry! It's taken a little bit for me to both find the time to answer and think of a good answer :P) For his personality, what you could put down is what you consider to be evil? For example I might consider "evil" to be someone who eats meat and wastes food, while you may consider evil killing anything that gets in the way, and someone ELSE may consider evil to be causing pain and suffering without death. If you put that down, you'll be all set!
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Gellert Grindelwald II
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