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100 years after the Second Wizarding War, and the Death Eaters are back. Hogwarts, newly rebuilt, has to muster a new courage, for the game has changed. A new story is rising. It's a new Age, a new Life and a new Generation. It's time for a Revolution.
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 Choi, Seung Pyo

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Choi Seung Pyo
Neutral Witch/Wizard
Choi Seung Pyo

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Choi, Seung Pyo Kim-Bum-style


AgeGenderBlood Status
19MaleMuggle-Born (Assumed Pure-Blood)


10 ½ inch, cherry w/ dragon heart string- truely lethal power, the wand ought never teamed up with a wizard/witch w/o exceptional control and strength of mind. (Harry Potter Wikia)
A Butterfly
Music, Arithmancy, Muggle Study
Has never taken Devinations, he dropped Astronomy (class load jam packed) and Care of Magical creatures, he could care less in taking care of silly flobberworms. It is beneath him.


PERSONALITY: Seung Pyo is a musical genius. Every note he strucks radiats a emotional response, of fear, of passion, of love and/ or hate. He can translate it through and bring it to life through music.

But the passion that he shows through music, is lacking in his personality. At a young age every want, every need was met, making him spoiled, and arrogant. His arrogance goes as far as being a perfectionist. Everything must go his way, or he won’t hesitate to take control implementing harsh measures. He has everything at his disposal yet he sees no joy in it. The only time when he is ever happy is when he sits in front of a piano, or a violin in his hands.

Not having a mother figure in his life, and his father always being gone, he was not taught the value of relationships. No women held his interest for very long. They were all the same in his eyes. Seung Pyo had this cynical notion that the women in his love life was after on of two things, his money or becoming famous, sometimes even both. That did not stop him musing them for a time for his own pleasures. Most of the women he dated are one night stand. The longest was three weeks.

The only person who does not fit that mold is his noona, Yuri Moon.

Seung Pyo may be a suave womanizer, but he does have his mother’s blood running through his veins.

LIKES: Summer Rains, Sitting on a Swing set, Finding a secluded place to practice his violin, Visiting Yuri Moon

DISLIKES: Stupid People, Screaming fan girls, Birthdays (especially his birthday), Sophisticated Social Gatherings, and these two words: “Business Trip”

FEARS: Fear of thunder, Fear of being alone, forever.


Eomeoni: Han Min-Ju
Abeoji: Choi Hyun Ki
Noona: Yuri Moon
chief Secretary: Woo Yu-Joon

2085: Eomeoni (mother) at 2:42 p.m. gave birth to Choi Seung Pyo on January 1, New Years Day.

Childhood Home:
Being a wealthy business tycoon, Seung Pyo’s father could aford the luxuries of a huge Mansion. But living in such a place, one would think it is grand, fun filled life. It is not the case for Seung Pyo. It is one where loneliness dwells. 9 out of the ten rooms were mostly empty 10 months out of the year. Yes, servants, chefs and maids lived there too in the servants corridor, but they kept their distance from the Young Master. His father spent most of his time away on business, trying to bring his company into “the new age,” or so he called it. His mother, Han Min-Ju, a famous Singer, and Musician was on tour, or in the hospital for an illness that plagued her ever since she gave birth to Seung Pyo.

2090: Seung Pyo at age 5 picked up his first violin.

2091: At Age six, on those rare occasions where Seung Pyo went unnoticed by the staff, and his guardian at the time, he snuck out of his house, and found himself once again at a park not even a mile away from his home. Most of the time, it was filled with life. Kids were always climbing up and down the jungle gym, he would watch happy families sitting on picnic blankets, eating box lunches. Street Vendors usually walk up and down the sidewalk selling their wares but very few people were out today. And most were, at least to Seung Pyo, was in a hurry.

Not really caring at the moment, he sat on the swings, moving back and forth slightly. It was not long before he saw it. The sky flashed. Seung Pyo turned pale, bracing what was to come next. Even though he wished it not to come, the thunder still roared in the dead silence. Than the rain rolled in, but Seung Pyo still was frozen in his seat. Ever since he was little he was afraid of thunder. He knew that the lightning, even the rains and wind were more dangerous than thunder, but every time he hears the roaring sound that rattles his very core, he starts to cry. That is what he did cry. The only nearest shelter he could find was this mangle monument in the middle of the park. For the whole night he wrapped himself up in a ball, his face buried in his knees, listening to the thunder raging on.

2093: At age 8, Seung Pyo held is first performance, in which he skipped a stanza, throwing off the whole flow of the melody. He never made that mistake again, but sadly his mother never saw him perform again.

A month after the performance, his mother collapsed on stage at one of her perfomance. The doctors did not know what was wrong with her, but said it had been the worse they had seen in years. Weeks passed and she still did not get better. Seung Pyo sat at her bedside with his father, and his noona for those long weeks, but she passed away in her sleep. His father became more distances in the years to come.

2096: Got the letter to go to Mahoutokoro,a school for witches and wizards. He had his reservations of going, believing, in his arrogance, that those “magicians,” or so he called them, were freaks. He told his father he did not want to go, but his father had other plans. His father ultimately won out, so he was being forced to go to a school for abnormal people. Once again, he got the best of everything: books, cauldron, robes, potion ingredients, and a wand from the best wandmaker, Olivander. Seung Pyo was set to go to a school for magicians.

Years in School:
It is said every year a new child prodigy graced the halls of Mahoutokoro. Sueng Pyo fits that bill. Magic, like music came easily for him. There was little to no effort on his part. What took other students several classes to show any visible progress in the spell, or enchantment, Seung Pyo achieved it in one class. Even though he saw this classes as a waste of his valuable time, every chance he got he liked to show off in class, for the high praises of the professors, the amazement of the girls, and at the expense of the envy of the boys. For example, during the first ever practical in Transfiguration’s class, he easily turn matches into yarn needles in the first hour of class. Nothing challenged him, nor interest him on an intellectual level.

Even though Seung Pyo is a prodigy with magic, to this day he never once drew his wand outside of class. The life of a magician was not for him. (The only form of magic he does use infrequently is Apparation.)

As his music explodes across Asia, and Europe, Seung Pyo gained a following in and out of the wizarding world, especially at Mahoutokoro. To his displeasure, Mahoutokoro girls were as insane as the girls he met on tour, they were a lot worse. In school every weekend, the girls would dress up in provocative clothing to try and gain his attention, which never worked. Other girls tried to bedazzled him with enchantments and charms, while others tried to poison him with a love potion. All failed. Seung Pyo was sick of the juvenile antics, but he used them all to his advantage.

For Example: Seung Pyo would show one girl more favoritism than the other “fan girls,” making her an instant outsider, than he would spread rumors to the same girl, saying another fan girl was trying to take him away from her. Soon a duel would commence, to his enjoyment. He did this several times during his time at school, watching all the drama unfold and seeing if the outsider could pick up the pieces...by herself.

At first, Seung Pyo did not know how important blood status was until he was in the halls of Mahoutokoro. So he kept his blood status quite. As his fame grew, so did the notion that he was a Pure-Blood. Seung Pyo did not try to confirm nor deny this accusation.

Seung Pyo would not allow “this” wizarding world limit his own plans in life, and also his father wanted Seung Pyo to have a proper education as well. his father hired professors from Seoul University to tutor him. He got his diploma at age 17, before his last year at magician school. Not only did he have to study hard to gain his diploma, his chief secretary, Woo Juh-Joon filled almost every waking moment with concerts, social gatherings, interviews and photoshoots.

2101: Age 17, Summer, In an interview for Cici magazine, (a popular Korean magazine) 100 Hot List, Seung Pyo was asked if he had an American name, and he told them that he did not. One of the models, he was supposed to photoshot with after the interview for the same magizine said she liked the name “William”...Poof...like an epiphany, probably the only one she would ever get in her lifetime, said, “Why not ‘Prince William of Seoul.” To his annoyance, ceci ran with it, and followed him til this day.

He was number 34 on the Hot 100 list. Also at age 16, he was number 21 on the hottest eligible bachelors list. Seung Pyo found this appalling. He thought that the greatness of Seung Pyo should have been at least the top five in both articles, he even had the nerve to think he should be given number one in the hot eligible bachelors list.

2102: After Graduation
On his 18th birthday, Seung Pyo received a letter. It was from his deceased mother. It translated into:

Dear My loving son,

Happy 18th birthday. If you have received this letter, it must be that I am in a better place now. Be that as it may, I still want to give you a gift only a mother could bestow to his son. I wanted to see you fulfill all your dreams,but sadly I am not able too, so instead I will fulfill this one for you. Music is your heart and soul, as it was mine. I give you the deed to HoengJae (windfall) Concert Hall in London , England.

I Love you son.

- Han Min-Ju
P.S. Please don’t hate your father too much.

Knowing what his mother wanted, and secretly he wanted the same thing, he late applied to the University of london. His father donated money into the music department, so his son got accepted easily. Seung Pyo majored in Music. He left his big Mansion in Korea for the family’s summer Cottage in Wiltshire. Now, he owns a concert hall, which he rightly deserves, going to school, and as an obligation to his mother, and to his family’s honor, continues Han’s charity foundation.

Let the story begin...

Let the story begin...

Other Characters:A. Luke Brown, Aries Lestrange, and Vincent Sanderson

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Choi, Seung Pyo
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