Hogwarts Reborn: Harry Potter RPG

100 years after the Second Wizarding War, and the Death Eaters are back. Hogwarts, newly rebuilt, has to muster a new courage, for the game has changed. A new story is rising. It's a new Age, a new Life and a new Generation. It's time for a Revolution.
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 Esposito, Damianos

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Damianos Esposito

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Esposito, Damianos Synyster-gates-profile


AgeGenderBlood Status


13” Ebony wood, Runespoor Fang & Chimaera Scale core, regular thickness, tiny engravings in the wood of similar style to his tattoos.
Defense Against the Dark Arts, the Dark Arts, Transfiguration & Flying
Arithmancy & History of Magic


PERSONALITY: Cold-blooded, hard-hearted. Will defend the few friends he has and those important to them to the death, but otherwise doesn’t give a shit about people. Even though he works for other people, if he is convinced that they’re wrong in one way or another, he’ll do his own thing. If he commits a crime, it’s never for the sake of being ‘evil’ or ‘mean’, it’s simply because Damianos believes it is the right way to do things. The only way to really ‘make’ him follow your orders or line of thought was to reason. Long and hard. But despite his efforts to convince himself and others otherwise, he can occasionally have a softer side to those who don’t annoy him.

LIKES: Sarcastic senses of humor, annoying people getting owned, Intelligent people, doing what he wants the way he wants to do it.

DISLIKES: Liars, People trying to get him to tell them his past, Arrogance, Nervousness in other people, self-righteousness, manipulation.

FEARS: Finding someone to ‘fall in Love with’ (naturally without enchantments etc).


He doesn’t know his blood family and has no intention of finding out. He grew up in the streets until he was about 7 years old, when he stole a wizard’s wand and began to experiment with magic by himself. Soon he was picked up by a pure-blood couple, who taught him everything they knew and supplied him with as much equipment and books to fuel his learning. Capricia and Marcello (his adoptive parents) seemed to be an average pure-blood wizarding couple to many. But their goals for their country were very different from many wizarding families, possibly close to the Death Eaters goals although far more selective. In addition to all the pure-blood statis, they were fervently patriotic and wished to outlaw immigrants and anyone of foreign descent.
Damianos tolerated there ways for years, after all, they had taken him in from the streets and given him shelter. But after all these years of learning and living with the family, he found out that they wanted him to join a group he despised – probably some sort of wizarding mafia group though no one knows for certain -, since they’d threatened him with death if he refused to join, he killed them both when he grew powerful enough to do so.
Very few know of his other name which where he comes from, is far more well known as ‘Nerium Oleander’, an identity that was born when he realized what his dear parents wanted of him. It was behind this mask that he killed his parents along with all the others whom he did away with. No evidence of the crime would be linked to him, there would be small rumors on occasion as always, but never was any of them taken seriously or proven.

Since his foster parents deaths:
After his parents ‘passed away’, he sought jobs where ever he could and whenever he could find them. The area he went back to was not an easy place to live in and Damianos was both intelligent and lucky enough not to get involved with the better paid crimes. Although he never took exams or had any sort of documented qualifications, Damianos got good references from many of his employers of being persistent and getting the job done no matter if it was as a Quidditch supplier or a ‘body-guard’ (basically his cover for assassination when hired).
After hearing at a local bar that a certain English school was in need of a Transfigurations teacher, he immediately took all the courses and such that he needed to ensure this position. It was rather unusual for him to spring forward with such commitment so quickly, but he had no close friends to question his actions. Only a few months later, he applied for the position and was accepted by Hogwarts.

Offenses: Just about most things you could think of though not all.

Other Characters: Alexandra Leoine

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Esposito, Damianos Hogwarts

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Esposito, Damianos
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