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100 years after the Second Wizarding War, and the Death Eaters are back. Hogwarts, newly rebuilt, has to muster a new courage, for the game has changed. A new story is rising. It's a new Age, a new Life and a new Generation. It's time for a Revolution.
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 Galante, Natalia

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Natalia Galante
Deputy Headmistress

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Galante, Natalia 62116_435264706125_365911361125_5630991_6958299_n


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Griffin Claw, Avodire Wood; 11 1/4 inches
Muggle Studies and Defense Against the Dark Arts
Charms and Transfiguration


PERSONALITY: Natalia is a very happy-go-lucky and playful character. Nothing ever seems to bother her and barely anything can pull on her heart-strings. Natalia is said to be a "confusing" character to understand. In some cases, she's been called "idiotic" because she's a bit eccentric. She has a fascination for muggles and often wizards criticize her. She is easily amused by the simplest of things and often gets very distracted from her work, unless its muggle studies. Other than that, she's very wise for her age and holds an open-mind for all students. Considering that she is Deputy Headmistress must mean that she is a fairly successful wizard however, due to her personality, it is overlooked. She will not treat her students like children, but consider them as equals. She will be blunt and is willing to constructively criticize a student. Whether the student is capable of handling it would be up to the them. Parents of student often call her unprofessional during her first year of teaching for upsetting many of their children by being blunt.

Some more admirable traits would be that she's brave and honest. She always feels a need to do what's morally right and correct. She's very fair and will be willing to compromise with anyone. She will not tolerate students that will put the lives of other students in danger.

*She probably molded this part of her personality from watching too many muggle movies.

LIKES: Anything that has to do with Muggles. She finds them to be unique and interesting and is disappointed that other wizards and witches don't see it but it can't be helped. She is especially intrigued by the concept of "electricity" and "batteries". Along with muggles, are the toys they have. She's often seen playing a yo-yo while walking down the hallways however; she doesn't know how to use it. She's usually just dragging it along the hallways but even that can amuse her. Whatever a muggle does, she does it as well. She also loves American culture. She finds them to be extremely odd and funny; exactly her kind. She's made several trips to the Salem Witches Institute in the States and she finds that the muggles there are like "Super Muggles" (Play on words with Superman). They are always so busy and their inventions are extremely fascinating for her. Things like the "internet".

DISLIKES: If there's anything that bothers her, it would be cowardice. She will not tolerate those who will turn their backs from their responsibilities and do what is morally right (Morally right in terms of Christian beliefs).

FEARS: Like any staff member, she fears the safety of her students and wouldn't bare the sight of any of them at the verge of dying.


Natalia Galante was born into a family of pureblood wizards, with the original surname "Liu". She was an only child and her parent's only hope. The Liu family worked in the Ministry of Magic in the Improper Use of Magic Office. They were highly ambitious and wanted only success from their only daughter. For generations, the Liu family consisted of only Slytherins and occasionally Ravenclaws, all attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This put a lot of stress on Natalia however, being the carefree character she is, she never put too much thought into it. Even as a child, she was into muggle studies. Often she would ask people from the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office if they could show her something they found in the Muggle world. Her parents obviously noticed this and scolded her for wanting to be intertwined with muggles. Her extended family often questioned her parents about Natalia's strange behavior however, they simply blamed it on her age at the time.

When Natalia was accepted into Hogwarts, her family was more than excited. Certain that Natalia will be put in Slytherin, they made many attempts to replace her Muggle Passion by telling her the great many success of the Slytherin house but "unfortunately", she wasn't very interested in Slytherin. Upon entering, Natalia was the first of her family to be sorted into Gryffindor. Her family, specifically her mother, was more than outraged. To be sorted into the rival house was unforgivable. Her mother had tried to convince the school to resort her. Perhaps they made a mistake however, the school refused. Her mother would of been okay if she was sorted into Hufflepuff, but Gryffindor was unacceptable. Disappointed, the Lius refused to see their daughter again, quite ashamed of her. They felt that it was impossible for Natalia to be successful. After hearing the news, her heart had been crushed and was bit depress to hear that her family was that ashamed of her, but no matter what, she showed promise through academic achievement. Muggle studies was her top class and surprisingly at the time, Defense Against the Dark Arts was her weakest. Often, you would see her training this field of magic the most and eventually, she was able to be one of the top in her class. Charms and Transfiguration slowly became her weakest however, she would always try to find room to improve. She was called strange since she carried her passion for muggles throughout her school year. Sometimes the Slytherin house would bully her. She tried her best to avoid that house as best as she could throughout her school years. After each year, she would be sent to her Aunt and Uncle in America to look after her. They were out-casted by the rest of the Lius family as well. Her aunt had decided to marry a muggle and every since then, she was shunned. In America, she experienced what family was really like. At the time her Aunt and Uncle were both around 27. Her aunt was of Asian descent as her uncle was Caucasian with the last name Galante. Although they dreamed of having a child, her Aunt wasn't fertile so having Natalia around was a blessing for them. Each summer, it was like she was their actual daughter. Often she would write to them and eventually, she changed her last name to Galante instead.

After graduating from Hogwarts, she was planning on working for the Ministry and take part in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office however, her family was still working in the Ministry. She felt that she was most likely still unwanted so she took a job position here at Hogwarts teaching Muggle Studies and eventually becoming Deputy Headmistress.

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Galante, Natalia Hogwarts

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Galante, Natalia
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