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100 years after the Second Wizarding War, and the Death Eaters are back. Hogwarts, newly rebuilt, has to muster a new courage, for the game has changed. A new story is rising. It's a new Age, a new Life and a new Generation. It's time for a Revolution.
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 Dratshev, Nadya

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Nadya Dratshev
Neutral Witch/Wizard
Nadya Dratshev

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Dratshev, Nadya Lucy-black-beautiful-shot-lucy-griffiths-13324815-300-400


AgeGenderBlood Status


Animagus, Bobcat
Nadya's wand is tainted white. Its made of Chocobolo wood, and has a Demiguise Hair core. The wood is pliable, and the design is knobbly. A wand perfect for Transfiguration, but for Nadya, its served her well with other things too.
Dark Arts and Defence Against the Dark Arts. Pretty much anything related to combat. Doesn't do bad with Transfigurations either.
History of Magic, Divination, and Potions.


PERSONALITY: Nadya possesses a bright raging fire that not even the icy Death's Mistress can ever hope to snuff out. Nadya's rash, abrupt, and nearly fearless. She isn't afraid to enter the fray of battle, or to question the current authority. She trusts no one but herself, and gaining her trust will probably be the most difficult feat you could face with the girl, more challenging than any battle or duel you've ever gone through. Nadya is passionate about everything she feels, whether it be hatred or love, if not contained, like a flame, it will grow, and spark up instantly. Both on and off the battle field, Nadya is quick to change her mind both in thought process and how she'll take down her opponent. Nadya is a wild fire that, if left uncontained, has the potential of becoming a danger to all witches and wizards alike, no matter who's side they're on. There are very few Dratshev will answer to, and the Death Eaters are not one of them. She is a rebel without purpose, much like the beast inside her, she cares not for choosing sides, she cares only for herself, and no one else.

LIKES: Tough meat like Beef Jerky, and Steak, she likes high climates, like in the mountains, and taking a walk on the wild side, or in other words, in her bobcat form.

DISLIKES: Authority, Know-it-all's, confinement, specifically the leader of the Death Eaters, Lilith Dutamaorte, and Cazz Valentine. Nadya also hates her family.

FEARS: Dementors, Claustrophobic Spaces


Nadya's streak of hate reaches way back even before her Durmstrang years, though it started out as a harmless little candle flame. It began to brew when her parents started spending less and less time with her, and leaving her home alone with her two older brothers more and more. Her brothers hated her during childhood, because she was the 'perfect little angel' of the family for several years, before school came along. They took advantage of the time unsupervised to torment young Nadya in any way they could think of, from hanging her on the dining room ceiling fan, to dropping her down a dark, dank well. To say in the very least, getting a letter in the mail about being accepted into Durmstrang, was Nadya's lifesaver, or at least that's what the poor girl thought at first.

Over the first few years in school, Nadya kept her head down and avoided her brothers as much as humanly possible. Classes made the task easy enough, but it seemed like whenever Nadya wandered down an empty hall, or was caught alone in the classroom, her brothers always managed to find her no matter where she was. Their creativity was very limited during Nadya's first year, but one of their 'good-humored' pranks involved nailing Nadya to the wall of Gellert Grindelwald by the scruff of her uniform robes in the middle of the night. Fortunately, the professor that found her was wise enough to find the perpetrators, but not before hundreds of students laughed and humiliated poor Nadya that morning. Her brothers were nearly expelled for it, but they just barely managed to get off with a warning.... and three months-worth of detention. Their little sibling rivalries grew a lot more subtle after that incident, and the boys blamed Nadya for getting them into so much trouble.

After that year, the Dratshev family had finally sustained a horrible reputation, the older brothers being troublemakers of course, but Nadya got the worst of it. No one could forget first year's incident, and students had quite creative nicknames to further Nadya's humiliation and shame. She couldn't stand crowded areas, and often she would find safety and sanctuary in the surrounding forest outside on school grounds. That's how she met Vladimir; he was unusually tall and always seemed to be hanging around the massive trees. The first time they spoke, Vladimir was too polite and kind for Nadya to understand. Back then, Nadya hardly muttered a word to anybody, so whenever Vladimir was hanging around the forest, Nadya would head in deeper, where she felt no one could follow her. Growing up with her brothers taught her not to show her pain when she was suffering. She wouldn't accept help, and avoided as many people as possible, and to Nadya's relief, not even her brothers would follow her into the forest, not when so many rumors about the creatures within plagued their minds. Nadya, however, would rather meet these creatures rather than face her fellow Durmstrang students. Eventually, as Nadya became more familiar with the forest, she found her boundaries as to where she could safely go in the forest, and where she could not.

With her brothers out of school, Nadya finally thought she could relax and get by the rest of Durmstrang without worries, but that was just a fantasy. A new Headmaster- well, Headmistress- had taken over Durmstrang: the icy Headmistress Lestrange. Nadya was still too young to have developed her rebellious side this soon, but Lestrange was sure to humiliate her in her combat classes, the only place she ever felt power over the other students. Though her classmates still made fun of her and kept her at a distance, no one questioned her natural talent in dueling and combat. No one except Lestrange, anyways. But Nadya didn't hate the Headmistress for it, she feared her. Just as her brothers had finally gotten out of her life, someone worse had come along to ruin everything. But she wasn't the only one who had negative feelings towards the new Headmistress. Nadya’s visits to the forest increased dramatically during this year, and she would occasionally sneak out even in the middle of the night to get her time alone under the cover of the trees. Vladimir would try and talk to her when he saw her, but she wouldn’t let anyone close to her. The forest was her only safe place, and was only safe when she wandered its borders alone.

During her fourth year, Nadya finally managed to gain a friend, and she’d actually started to trust her as well. Her name was Mikayla Astrova, and they’d first started talking after a duel in class; Nadya had beaten Mikayla, despite her lack in studies, and it caught Mikayla’s interest. Nadya stuck to Mikayla like glue, and started visiting the forest outside less and less, which meant she also became more distant from Vladimir. Mikayla was often a bit harsh towards mudbloods, and because of Nadya’s insecurities, she would often play along, fearing that she would lose Mikayla’s friendship, but in all honesty, Nadya could care less about anyone’s blood status. It was also because of Mikayla that Nadya met Dimitri, a boy who had saved her from drowning in one of her previous years. Dimitri and Nadya had a relationship for a short time, but Dimitri got bored eventually. One restless night Mikayla and Nadya were trying to find something to do. Despite better reasoning, Nadya suggested they explore the forest outside of Durmstrang. It was surprisingly easy to sneak out, but due to Nadya’s long absence, the forest seemed very different to her. The two of them eventually were lost and stumbled upon not one, but three mountain trolls. They were able to fend them off at first, but Mikayla was knocked out cold, and although Nadya managed to defeat one of the beasts and injure another, she couldn’t protect Mikayla and fend off the trolls all at once. She had finally managed to drag Mikayla out onto the open grounds when Lestrange entered the scene, and only Nadya witnessed the cold fury the Headmistress unleashed on the remaining trolls. Then, dead silence seeped in. Lestrange looked over the remains of the creatures, and it didn’t take long for her to realize how well Nadya had managed to defend both her life and another’s, but she wouldn’t utter a word about it. In that usual icy cold tone, Lestrange dismissed them, telling them to go to the Hospital Wing. Of course they were punished severely, but Mikayla didn’t remember the whole story, and Nadya wouldn’t tell it. As the year went on, it seemed as though Lestrange bore down harder and harder on Nadya during class and little Dratshev had to struggle just to simply pass her classes without failing.

The summer before Nadya’s fifth year, her brother went through training courses in order to become an animagus. He didn’t live with the family at the time, but their parents were the ones funding the special private tutoring for him, so he spent several weeks in the Dratshev household. Nadya wasn’t allowed to of course, but she spied on his lessons every moment she could, and although she wasn’t old enough to actually become an animagus herself, the theories and processes from her brother’s lessons were firmly stuck in her mind. But nearing the next school term, her brother caught her red-handed, and exposed her ‘wrong-doing’ to her parents. The argument consisted of her parents telling her how dangerous it is to become an animagus, and that she was too young. Her brother, on the other hand, slid a comment her way, saying she couldn’t do it, that she was incapable. She started her next year at Durmstrang, determined to prove her family wrong. What she didn’t know, however, was that her brother failed the animagus training, and was hospitalized for several months. This year Nadya spent less time with Mikayla and more time off in the woods. When she wasn’t in class, or doing school-related activities, she was outside with no explanation or reasoning. After several months of failed attempts, it finally actually worked. Nadya had successfully taken on an animagus form, the form of a bobcat. But the only thing that was initially wrong with the transfiguration, was that Nadya became confused, and had not fully maintained her complex human mind. She went missing for several days, almost a week, when she finally staggered up to the castle, clothes torn and filthy, and her hair a mess tangled with leaves and twigs. Yes, Nadya has successfully become an animagus, but at the price of her O.W.L.’s. With hardly any time spent on studying, the only classes she passed were the Dark Arts, Charms, and Transfigurations, Dark Arts being the highest of course, but the other two classes no higher than Acceptable. She failed all her other classes. And yet she was still cheerful enough to give Vladimir a friendly greeting whenever she headed to the forest. Though she was still distant around Mikayla, who knew something had changed, Nadya would rough house with a lot of the boys, acting more like one of them then some girly teenager. Dimitri had actually become good friends with Nadya at this time, she was just like one of the guys, and they often got into a lot of trouble with the Headmistress. Those who knew her well enough could see some slight changes in Nadya’s personality. She was more direct, especially in arguments, she had a short temper, and her eating habits had changed dramatically. She went from a child with almost no appetite, to one that ate way too much, and still somehow kept her figure just fine. She was also a lot pickier with her food, eating only meat based meals, and occasionally junk food. Vegetables and fruit, however, Nadya disliked with a passion. Now whenever she came across anyone she disliked, she would gladly show them a thing or two with her wand, but that also meant she got into a lot more trouble. The new Nadya could also keep up with even her strongest classmates; despite her size, she wasn’t afraid to throw some idiots around, even without a wand. Her temper was difficult to contain, and she became more distant with Mikayla, and her midnight visits to the forest had become routine. Occasionally she would see Vladimir whenever he happened to be around Dimitri, but he always seemed even quieter than Nadya remembered. Whether that was just how much she herself changed, or if there was a deeper meaning behind it, she didn’t know. Her future and education hardly mattered to young Dratshev even as she progressed onwards to her last two years of school.

Her sixth year was uneventful for the most part, aside from being more secretive about her beastly form, but her longing for the wild was difficult to ignore. She stopped visiting the forest so much during the day and only went during nightfall, as sneaking out had become almost natural to her. When she was stressed or nervous though, she would always find herself outdoors, or better yet deep in the forest herself. Her animagus form allowed her to explore even farther into the woods, and not only could she protect herself, but she could also get around a whole lot more undetected by other animals, as she learned how to become silent in the thickness of the trees, learned how to track other animals, and learned how to sneak up on other creatures. While her knowledge in her newly found animal instincts grew, her reputation in school diminished. The only source of talent and power she had been in the Dark Arts, Charms, and Transfiguration. She wasn’t at the top of her class, but she managed just fine with minimal study time. Many other students were jealous of her, as there were even rare occasions that Dratshev would learn spells on the fly, rather than through hours of practice and study her classmates had to go through. Dimitri was happy to have her in his little gang of troublemakers, but Mikayla often became suspicious, especially whenever the forest was within view, as Nadya would become distant and start staring off into the distance. Nadya didn’t care. She had grown into her own person, and she became more and more distant with Mikayla, who only continued questioning her. Where time could be spent studying or hanging out, Nadya would be off in the forest or stirring up more trouble with Dimitri, but in all her other subjects besides Dark Arts, Charms, and Transfigurations, she suffered. Her relationship with her ‘caring’ Headmistress only worsened during her sixth year and probably grew even worse after that.

The summer after sixth year, Nadya could no longer avoid the ministry, and the only reason she wasn’t thrown into prison was because of her young age. The reason she had the ministry’s attention: She hadn’t registered as an animagus. The problem had been resolved rather quietly though, and because she happened to be traveling with some relatives at the time, she just barely managed to keep it a secret from her family. Besides the ministry conflicts, it wasn’t difficult keeping it from her parents, after all, they were always too busy with work, and hardly ever paid attention to her. It wasn’t as bad since her brothers weren’t living in the house any longer, but the only thing that kept her summers lively were her visits to the outdoors, and the occasional traveling she took to distant relatives- more like an excuse for her parents to get rid of her.

Her seventh year, Nadya was delighted to hear the Triwizard Tournament would be taking place at Hogwarts. Of course she wanted to enter, but due to some troubling circumstances, she had to fight for her place on the Durmstrang voyage to Hogwarts. This was probably one of the first times Headmistress Lestrange truly tested Nadya, because even though little Dratshev did everything she was asked of, it was only until she showed up at the Durmstrang ships the day they were leaving that Nadya found out she still couldn’t go. All while Lestrange remained as indifferent and cold as usual- perhaps even a little amused, but Nadya had only assumed so. The first time she’d ever shown any true rage, was this very day, when Nadya swung a bombarda curse at the Headmistress, probably the worst offense she’d ever committed at Durmstrang. And yet, for some reason beyond Nadya’s comprehension, it was that very deed that granted Dratshev permission aboard the Durmstrang vessel. It had certainly been a shock to her, but she was quick to take pride in whatever had convinced Lestrange to bring her along after all. Despite her determination, however, it was indeed Vladimir who was picked as the Durmstrang Champion, not Nadya. With her interest in the tournament lost, she spent much of her time in the Forbidden Forest on Hogwarts grounds, and it was there that she met another animagus, Luke Brown.

But shortly after Nadya graduated, reports came in of a murderer who skinned her alive simply because she tried to protect a muggle family. Not much more information has been discovered about the girl’s death, but with it, came the birth of a mysterious criminal, Cruor Tempest. Not many other reports on Cruor has been found, so little is known about the murderer.

(Nadya Dratshev, with the help of Aries Lestrange, faked her own death and became this 'Cruor Tempest' but no one knows about it. Cruor Tempest remains a mystery.)

Other Characters: Madison Reid, Dein Edrins and Shadow Grace

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Eirina Naer
Eirina Naer

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Dratshev, Nadya Hogwarts

Hogwarts School
of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmistress: Eirina Naer
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc.,
Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Ms. Nadya Dratshev,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Yours sincerely,

Eirina Naer
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Dratshev, Nadya
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